August 2022 Meeting

Our August meeting was held at Charlotte’s Quest Nature Center in Manchester. This 80-acre facility has open fields, meadows, four acres of trails, pine and hardwood forests, and is open every day from dawn to dusk.

We began with an introduction to the center and its many programs for both children and adults. Afterwards, we were given a guided tour of the preserve by one of the volunteers. Our regular meeting followed at the outdoor pavilion.

After introductions and announcements, our first speaker was Joyce Mahoney, Ph.D., the founder of Sober Truth. Joyce spoke about the many support programs that Sober Truth offers and took the time to answer the audience’s questions. You could see the passion she holds for improving the lives of people affected by substance abuse and her concern for the community. If you wish to see the entire talk, please check out the video on our YouTube channel.

Our member presentation followed. Paul ‘Chris’ Kraft gave the membership a whole new appreciation for exactly what Primerica does to help people be protected, become financially independent, and how to help the next generation through having proper insurance. We also received an excellent booklet entitled “The Last Lover Letter – The Emotional Reality of Life” that explains in detail the reasons for insurance. If you are unsure about the reasons why you should invest in insurance, I suggest that you give Mr. Kraft a call. His entire presentation is also on our YouTube channel.

It was such a nice day that most of the members lingered after the meeting was finished to chat and just enjoy the outdoor setting.